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How Much Is Poor Ergonomics Costing You?
Work-­‐related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) including back and neck injuries, and upper extremity disorders are the most expensive and most common injuries in the U.S.

Get the Facts on Good Ergonomics:

Can You Afford Loss Productivity Or Employee Time Off?
Anything your employees do for eight hours a day over an extended period of time – prolonged sitting, standing, lifting or repetitive motions – it’s all going to affect them. Tyler Ergonomics and Safety can identify improvements for your operations to keep your employees safe and healthy, on and off the job.

Ergonomics Assessment + Training
Look at your organization and ask what can you do to ensure you have the right methodology in place for people to perform at their best, and prevent costly injuries. We’ll tailor an ergonomic program to help you:
• Reduce absenteeism
• Reduce turnover
• Prevent injury
• Increase morale

We See Risk Like No One Else
Good ergonomics is a process. It’s more than a new chair or desk or a once a year lunch and learn. It’s a mindset, a corporate culture that tells your employees, from Human Resources to the entry­‐level worker, that you care about them and their well‐being. That’s what we do at Tyler Ergonomics and Safety – we identify risk before it occurs.


(at Work) Services


Why Tyler Ergonomics

and Safety?

Since 2002, Tyler Ergonomics and Safety has been optimizing job performance in the workplace – from repetitive stress injuries to addressing body mechanics around workstations. We believe in the relentless pursuit of workplace performance services that extend the total well being of our clients. Simply put, we protect the most valuable of resources: you, your employees and your way of life.

We are ergonomists and physical therapists, corporate trainers and biomechanics experts. We address body mechanics, prolonged activities and repetitive motion. Our presentations are customizable. Our hours are flexible. Quality, value and a sharp eye towards service – let’s take a look at Your Health At Work.


• Ergonomic Performance Solutions

• Ergonomic and Safety Risk Appraisal and Mitigation

• Cause and Affect Analysis of Existing Injuries

• Return to Work Evaluations

• Ergonomic and Safety Process and Program Development

• Training Program Development and Presentations

• Safety Audits


Rapid Response

The next injury or the next success story? Whether it’s one employee or ten, our job is to prevent injuries. It’s more than a mission. It’s our passion. We plan, design, educate, analyze and adapt our ergonomics process so we can respond rapidly to any and all early reports of discomfort.

From analyzing workstations to analyzing job demands, our ergonomic record stands for itself – operating above a 90% success rate when symptoms are reported early. With Tyler Ergonomics and Safety’ Rapid Response, you can reduce absenteeism and turnover rates in the long run. Your Health At Work – it’s what we stand for.


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We’re on a mission to balance the well‐being of people, process and profits. Your time is valuable. We get it. That’s why the most effective way to manage a work‐related injury cost is to contact us and prevent one before it occurs.

Have time to meet? Need an estimate? Send us a message, and we’ll help you better understand how we can improve Your Health At Work.

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